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Sourcing the right man for the job

  • We find you the ideal person to complete the task.

  • We find the correct individual with the right attitude.

  • We find the most suitable member who wants to do the job.

  • Our men are highly qualified & have many years of experience in the tourism industry.

  • We find the appropriate candidate who will ensure the smooth running of your existing operation.

  • Our men are your men.

  • We are the force that reinforces your work force.

  • We are human-focused.

About WorkForce

WorkForce is a new brand under 4ir Transformers (trading AS J+E Digital (IO) Ltd) a conglomerate with multiple sub-brands operating in diverse industries.

1. 4ir Media - the global content distributor of content from world-class media houses, such as Trace Tv, Eros International, Rajshri films, Sony SAB (a Sony Pictures Networks brand), Star Tv (a Disney India brand) & ITN Studios a US Based production company. 

2. 4ir NFT - the first curators of the Lootverse which has sold over USD 350,000 worth of art on the platform. 

3. 4ir Transformers - We are the custodian of Soft Hear global franchise license (  we are responsible for rolling out various Soft hear clinics in multiple regions of the world.

Why WorkForce?

Our recruitment is done by our talent hunters who have been HR professionals with over 10 years of experience in the recruitment field.

We hold interviews on the ground and online in multiple languages to ensure we get the right man for the job.

Our partners have been recruiting workers from Nepal & India.

Why Mauritians?

The Mauritian people are known for their genuine smile, warmth and hospitality.

Most Mauritians speak an average of 3 to 5 languages: English, French, Creole and their ancestral languages: Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Bhojpuri, Urdu, Telugu, Mandarin.


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