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Press Release

Mauritian Artist sells Art Piece worth MUR 500,000. Newest Online Talent Show to Support multiple Mauritian Entrepreneurs and Artists.


Founder, Jailesh Raggoo-- is thrilled to be part of this revolution as his mantra is “if you don’t innovate you evaporate.”

4IR Transformers remains committed to representing creators and enabling them to develop a sustainable brand via increasing recognition while earning income. They intend to support the process by giving potential creators all of the auction's criteria and regulations, as well as rigorously assessing the artist's work to ensure it is acceptable for the sale. This is a tough process that needs a high level of detail, but LOOT NFT is prepared to produce the greatest, most accurate artwork, guaranteeing that all parties involved in Loot NFT receive the most value. Jailesh thinks that when obstacles are overcome, prosperity comes; this approach guides Loot NFT's path.

Loot NFT, the first online NFT Talent Show  has raised an initial round,  allowing talented creators to showcase their unique and unrecognized creations. It’s an invite-only platform that permits artists to sell their artworks where people from all over the world may bid on them.


The island of Mauritius, well-known for its numerous ways of life and ancient richness, also boasts  many artists and creatives. However, a limitless quantity of them are underappreciated and do not receive the respect they deserve due to lack of branding tools like money, contacts and experience. This affects the whole globe, as these undervalued artists want a breakthrough moment where their talent may be recognized. Therefore, we, the creators' agent for Loot NFT, are thus here to appreciate and assist these artists in receiving the respect they deserve.


With loot NFT, artists get several benefits like international exposure, money and marketing. Also, their art lives on forever, since it is attached to the NFT on the blockchain. Moreover, they get financial incentives to kick off or improve their art business. Here with LOOT NFT, we make artists feel valued and boost up their confidence level. Last but not least, artists do not need to pay any fee to participate in LOOT NFT.

Jailesh Raggoo: Founder of 4IR Transformers


4IR Transformers is established on the idyllic island of Mauritius. It is a digital firm that specializes in sales and partnerships in Africa and Asia through strategic design thinking and innovation. It seeks to assist all clients in reaping the full benefits of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Governments, charities, parastatal entities, prominent corporations, start-ups, civil society, and entrepreneurs are among the clients of 4IR Transformers. A collaborative culture pervades all of their work. Partnerships with 4IR Transformers spark long-term transformation, development, and success. The firm collaborates with its clients to create leads for conversion into sales. 


4IR Transformers believes that by using NFTs, artists will be assisted with their rights of ownership and benefit from a rapidly growing digital medium. Their mission in this partnership is to bring the finest unknown talents around the world, with focus on Africa and Asia, to the platform.

Artists who are interested in featuring their work on the LOOT NFT Platform should contact 4IR Transformers or register through this website.

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