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About Us

We are the 4IR NFT! Ushering in the 4th Industrial Revolution and bringing new ideas to benefits society at large. One of the key areas is NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) which is in the process of revolutionising art.

Our vision is to promote Art &  Culture and help unheard creators (artists) from rural & tribal areas to earn fame and wealth.


Our mission is to combine great creators (artists) and art forms with this new world order and generating new income while popularising Art globally. 

Creators section

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Basically it's a battle bidding auction arena for NFTs using the Cardano blockchain. As the concept evolved, we found that the combination of a limited token and a time-locked wallet used in an exclusive club created some amazing gamified outcomes

loot NFt

Our world


Our adventurer-themed World showcases how current technology could be used in the real world. It is a test for TALOS, the tech we developed to power our World. As TALOS matures, it may be used with LTT in sectors, such as Land title, financial services and more.




A walkthrough of the Battle Bidding Site

A walkthrough of the Loot NFT World

A story from the plot

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Press Release

Mauritian Artist sells Art Piece worth MUR 500,000.

Loot NFT, the first online NFT Talent Show  has raised an initial round,  allowing talented creators to showcase their unique and unrecognized creations. It’s an invite-only platform that permits artists to sell their artworks where people from all over the world may bid on them.


The island of Mauritius, well-known for its numerous ways of life and ancient richness, also boasts  many artists and creatives. However, a limitless quantity of them are underappreciated and do not receive the respect they deserve due to lack of branding tools like money, contacts

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Magic Url

Magic URL


Loot NFT utility token BUNs allows holders to bid on and purchase rare NFTs, physical collectibles, stake, farm for rewards, and participate in virtual and real-world experiences and events. Members have an option of being rewarded by introducing new people to the platform. we introduce you to the magic URL which is simply a link that is assigned to you by an existing member ( growth seat) that is then used to access the Loot platform as well as being remunerated for all purchases done by new members. Furthermore, loot members must also have access to a certain amount of loot tickets to gain access to the battle bid itself.


The link cannot be bought and it can only be accessed through invitation only as it is reserved for the Loot community. The link and the ticket are simply the gateway or the access route to the platform that will lead the member towards the battle bidding auction. 


The entire system is gamified and members mine LTT at different rates according to the badges they’ve earned while playing the game. Their mining rates range from 13 to 42 BUN per LTT.


Loot NFT is exclusively for members only. To join the system and become a member, you must have a Loot ticket. Loot NFT is more than a game… It's an experience!

Current Themes

Upcoming Themes